Friday, June 17


Take a virtual reality tour of London! Go to London. You'll start at Buckingham Palace. Visit other parts of London by clicking on the links on the right-hand side of the page and admire some 360° views of London landmarks.
Listen to this poem by W. Wordsworth (1802) and hear how different London was in those days. 


Work in pairs.
Use Google, Wordrefrence the Wikipedia and other Internet resources to find the  information 

1- Where is the Rosetta Stone and why is it called Rosetta?

2- Where is the Imperial State Crown and how many diamonds does it contain? What's the name of the bird that lives in that place?

3- Who was Thomas Blood and what is he famous for?

4-Alexander Fleming was buried in the same place where Lady Diana got married. What happened to this place in 1666 and who was the architect who rebuilt it?

5-Where is the London Eye? How long did it take British Airways to build it? Is the London Eye taller than Big-Ben?

6-Who was the English King who met Pocahontas? Where in London was Captain Smith buried?

7-There are many famous pubs in London. Choose one.What's its name? How old is it? What food can you eat in this pub? At what time?
8-What´s the name of the street where the Prime Minister lives? How long has he been living there?

9- There´s a famous clock in London. If it is a clear day in London, you´ll be able to see the time. So, what time is it now in London? Is it the same time here?

10- Very near where you are, there is a famous Abbey in which every king and queen of England has been crowned since 1308. What is its name? Get a picture of the Coronation chair.

11-Go down to the river Thames and from the Pier, take the boat to Hampton Court. How much do you pay for a standard fare? The official web where you´ll get the information is

12- A famous king who married six times lived here. What was his name?

13- Go to Westminster and take the underground to Knightsbridge. This is a famous shopping area with one of the most famous department stores in London where the Queen does her shopping. What´s the name of this Store? Go in, buy some chocolates, and tell us how much money you spent.

14- In the Science Museum there's the biggest interactive gallery. What is it called? Take part in one of the activitites. What is it about?

15-You want to see the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace. At what time is the ceremony? When can you visit the palace?

16- On the Victoria Embankment, next to the River Thames, there is a large Egyptian obelisk called Cleopatra's Needle. When was it transported to England? When was it made?

Wednesday, April 13


Would you like to learn some vocabulary about the HOLY WEEK?
Let's try!


Where and what time do we meet?
What time do we come back?
How are we going to travel?
What teachers are going?
What are we going to do there?

Let's learn something about Gibraltar